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Workforce Training Fund Grant Program

I am pleased to share that the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development has awarded training grants from the Workforce Training Fund Program to the following businesses in Pembroke, MA:

  • Acella Construction Corporation - $109,900 to train 52 workers; 10 additional jobs are expected by 2025.

  • Duromar - $68,200 to train 10 workers; 1 additional job is expected by 2025.

  • King Collision Centers - $237,675 to train 51 workers; 8 additional jobs are expected by 2025. This grant was awarded to a consortium of employers which also includes King Collision Centers in Pembroke and Plymouth.

Funded by Massachusetts employers via contributions made to unemployment insurance, the Workforce Training Fund helps companies improve productivity and competitiveness by providing resources to invest in the Massachusetts workforce. In partnership with EOLWD, Commonwealth Corporation reviews and awards training grants of up to $250,000 to Massachusetts businesses and consortia of businesses to fund training for current and newly hired employees. Grants are awarded on a rolling basis throughout the year. In FY 2023,

more than 1,600 Massachusetts employers were approved for more than $39 million in WTFP grant‐funded training for more than 30,000 workers.

The Workforce Training Fund is a powerful tool to create new jobs, increase skills and opportunities for our workers, and maintain the economic strength and viability of the Commonwealth’s businesses. In addition to the General Program grants announced today, the Workforce Training Fund addresses smaller-scale training needs via the Express Program. Express grants are available, at any time throughout the year to small businesses to

train their employees. The streamlined process is designed for ease of access for those businesses that don’t have the capacity for General Program grants.

To learn more about the Workforce Training Fund, please visit or contact Katelyn Kelly, EOLWD Deputy Chief of Staff (



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