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Update on unemployment for self-employed & 1099 workers

UNEMPLOYMENT FOR SELF EMPLOYED & 1099 WORKERS: We are getting many questions about this. Here’s the latest info: The federal CARES Act approved by Congress extends unemployment benefits to most self-employed &1099 workers (independent contractors). This is great news because these folks are not usually covered by unemployment. The bill was signed into law officially on Friday afternoon. The U.S Department of Labor is right now establishing the rules to send to the states, but they have not yet given a firm update on when that will be finished. Once that happens the states will be implementing this. Here in Massachusetts we expect that our DUA will be incorporating this new benefit into their existing UI program. We know that they are actively working now to have this ready to go. They are not able to give us a firm timeframe since much is dependent on the US Dept. of Labor. I can tell you that they are working around the clock and are well aware that many folks are eager and anxious to begin this process. As soon as we have any more firm details we will post here. Stay tuned and keep checking. Thank you to Sen. Ed Markey’s office for additional info from federal perspective.


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