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Sunday morning update

Gov. Baker appeared on WCVB this morning with DPH Commissioner Bharel. The segment is posted online if you want to watch. Here are some quick updates.:

• Gov. Baker said there are *no* current plans to issue a mandatory 14-day a “shelter-in-place” order statewide as has been rumored. He urged residents to look to “trusted news sources” for accurate info on COVID-19 updates.

• The state public lab has now tested 799 individuals. The figure given on Friday was 475 total tests so there has been a significant increase since then. This data is since Feb 28.

• DPH will be releasing a formal update on the number of tests every Wednesday. We should have another update on positive tests around 4p.m. today.

• Objective is to ramp up testing to such that we can reach at level of 1,000 tests a day, as many experts have advised is needed.

• South Boston bars and restaurants will be closed today as part of a voluntary agreement

• Goal continues to be avoid a spike that would overwhelm our health care system.

• The state’s 2-1-1 service is active and available 24/7.

• As testing ramps up and federal guidance has changed we should expect a significant increase in the number of positive cases.

Sun • Here is link to WCVB interview:…/gov-charlie-baker-no-plans-…/31627021) (Note this is to the segment with Gov. Baker. There was a second segment which also included DPH Commissioner which is not yet online.)


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