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Sales tax free weekend

This weekend is our Sales Tax Holiday. This a great time to support our small businesses, get those back to school supplies (sorry kids!) or other household items you’ve been looking for. Here are the basics:

• No sales tax (6.25%) for most retail items under $2,500 on Saturday & Sunday. Some stores offer additional savings on top of this so it pays to check around.

• If your purchase requires home delivery you can still get tax break as long as you pay for it this weekend.

• If you purchase multiples items that add up to more than $2,500 you still get the tax break for each item as long as no single item was over $2,500.

• Online shoppers can still save if purchase made during designated time period.

• Does not apply to tobacco, alcohol or marijuana, motorboats or vehicles.

• If you have more detailed questions about the sales tax holiday please see this helpful page:


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