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Rep. Cutler Remarks at Disability Employment Conference

Today I had the opportunity to deliver closing remarks at a statewide conference at the DCU Center in Worcester on the topic of disability employment. The event was hosted by the Mass. Rehabilitation Commission and the purpose was to help business leaders learn how to better to hire, promote, and retain qualified workers with disabilities. This is an issue I am proud to help lead in the legislature with our “WorkAbility” subcommittee.

Here in Massachusetts we don’t have an abundance of natural resources to power our economy –– our greatest asset is our skilled and educated workforce and we can’t afford to leave anyone on the sidelines. And yet there is a vast pool of talented individuals, who might happen to have a particular disability, that we haven’t sufficiently tapped into. If you have a moment please take a listen (the video quality is not great, but the audio is fine) and please help us spread this important message.


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