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Paid Family & Medical Leave update

As of Nov. 1, employees who apply for Paid Family & Medical Leave (PFML) can enhance their weekly benefit by using vacation pay, sick pay, or other existing paid leave they may have earned. This is known as “topping off” This enhancement is designed to provide workers with greater financial flexibility during PFML leave.

For example, an employee has an average weekly wage of $2,000 and approved PFML application for $1,100 per week. The employee may top off that amount with existing paid time off, if available, up to $900.

As chairman of the Labor & Workforce Development Committee I was proud to work on this issue and help pass it in the legislature. Thank you to Chairman Ken Gordon who has championed this and brought forth the original legislation.

The Mass. Department of Family and Medical Leave has put together a great set of FAQS for employers and employees to help address any questions.





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