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Mass Cultural Council FY23 Grant Recipients

I am pleased to share that Mass Cultural Council (MCC) has shared the FY23 Legislative Investment Reports for all 160 House Districts which are available online:

FY22 was a historic year for funding for MCC. Nearly $100M in public funds were used, primarily fueled by their statewide COVID recovery efforts. This amount reflects the following:

  • $5M in gaming revenues for the Gaming Mitigation Program

  • $10M from the FY22 Capital Spending Plan for the Cultural Facilities Fund

  • $23.4M in our FY22 state appropriation to support all Agency programs and services

  • $60.1M in one-time pandemic recovery funds

The following grants were awarded to recipients within my district:

  • Cultural Facilities Fund:

    • Alden Kindred of America, Inc. ($200,000) - Duxbury

  • Cultural Sector Recovery for Individuals:

    • Meredith d'Ambrosio ($5,000) - Duxbury

  • Cultural Sector Recovery for Organizations:

    • Hanson Public Library ($42,520)

    • South Shore Bay Band ($6,750)

    • Alden Kindred of America, Inc. ($17,950) - Duxbury

  • Festivals & Projects:

    • Marshfield Chamber of Commerce, Inc. ($2,500)

  • Local Cultural Council Allocation:

    • Duxbury Cultural Council ($7,300)

    • Halifax Cultural Council ($7,500)

    • Hanson Cultural Council ($8,500)

    • Marshfield Cultural Council ($12,300)

    • Pembroke Cultural Council ($10,800)

  • Universal Participation Innovation Fund:

    • Marshfield Talking Information Center, Inc. ($500,000)



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