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FY2023 Mass Cultural Council grant opportunities

I writing to let you know that this week Mass Cultural Council has two announcements, one announcing FY23 Local Cultural Council funding, and one regarding grant awards for the Cultural Investment Portfolio and Gateway programs. Thanks to the legislature's investment in the FY23 budget, these programs are able to continue to grow to support the entire Commonwealth.

To see Mass Cultural Council’s full FY23 spending plan, follow this link:

First, the Local Cultural Council’s will be funded at $5.5 million in FY23, a 15% increase from last year. All 329 LCCs will see an increase in their allotment, with a minimum allocation being $5,500. LCC’s help to ensure access to arts and cultural events and initiatives in every city and town in the Commonwealth. Local arts organizations, programs, and artists can apply directly with their Local Cultural Council before October 17th.

Second, Mass Cultural Council is announcing a $6.9 million investment into the Cultural Investment Portfolio (CIP) and Gateway programs, which provide unrestricted operational support for 343 nonprofit arts, humanities, and science organizations across Massachusetts. This is an increase of 14% compared to last year. As a result, minimum grant amounts for both programs increased to $6,000. These organizations connect children and adults to theater, music, visual art, and film; teach them about history, literature, and the environment; and introduce them to innovative ideas and cultural traditions. Please see the full list of funded organizations below and learn more about these programs at the following links:



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