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FY 2022 Firefighter Safety Equipment Grant Awards

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

I am pleased to inform you that the funds for the FY 2022 Firefighter Safety Equipment Grant have been awarded to the Duxbury, Hanson and Pembroke fire departments. Fire departments will use this funding to purchase a wide variety of equipment that will make impactful improvements to the safety of their personnel. Many will be outfitting their firefighters with new protective gear, while others will be acquiring important tools such as thermal imaging cameras, portable radios, hazardous gas detectors, and personnel accountability systems.

6th Plymouth District

Fire Department

Award Amount

Town of Duxbury


Town of Hanson


Town of Pembroke


Congratulations to Duxbury, Hanson and Pembroke for receiving money through the FY 2022 Firefighter Safety Equipment Grant. Again, I am very pleased to report that this money will go toward helping our firefighters who provide such dedicated and much needed help to our communities.



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