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First round of Career Technical Initiative grads develop skills in automotive repair and welding

As the House Labor Chair I was proud to help lead a significant funding boost for the Career Technicial Initiative (CTI) line item. These funds are used expand the capacity of our existing vocational technical schools to open up slots for young adults to pursue skilled trades and help fill unmet labor needs for businesses. Here on the South Shore this is now paying dividends.

The South Shore Technical school based in Hanover recently competed their first CTI graduation cycle, with programs in Automotive repair and Welding. There were 12 automotive grads and 13 in welding. These students were required to take 220 class hours each. Nearly all of the student have job interviews lined up with employers or labor unions and two of the student are already employed in their field.

I’m so pleased our office was able to be on hand for the graduation ceremony last week to help celebrate the successful first round. Congratulations to all the graduates and their families for making this commitment and thank you to South Shore tech for committing to this key program.

The second round of CTI programs begins today in four areas: Carpentry, Culinary, Manufacturing, and HVAC. These are free 15 week program geared for high school graduates and recent adults. Funds will be allocated to help students with transportation and students may receive gas cards, vouchers, and other incentives to support them during the process. For more details please visit:



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