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Emergency childcare facilities remain open

UPDATED: A reminder that emergency childcare facilities remain open to serve children of families designated as COVID-19 Essential Workforce. We’ve heard from a couple folks who were not aware of this. My staff called around yesterday to facilities on the approved EEC list in our area and confirmed that the following have openings:

• Bright Ideas Childcare – 112 Hedges Pond Rd, Plymouth – 1 child today/ 29 capacity

• Suzette Connelly – Home Child Care – 47 Maple St., Whitman – 0 children today/ 8 capacity

• SS YMCA Early Learning Center, 1075 Washington St. (Rte. 53) – 28 children today/ 40 capacity

• SS YMCA State St. Learning Center, 79 Coddington St., N. Quincy- 7 children/ 40 capacity

• Boys and Girls Club, 9 Resnik Rd. Plymouth – 4 children today/ 40 capacity (ages 6-13)

• Laura Armstrong – home child care site – 79 Old Forge Rd., Hanover – 0 children today/ 8 capacity

• Ponds Child Care Center – Pauline Murphy – 133 Raymond Rd., Plymouth – 4 children today/ 40 capacity

• Old Colony Y – Plymouth – Christina Wilson – 2 Greenside Way, Plym. 27 children today/ 40 capacity

These are just the centers that we were able to reach. There are a number of others on the South Shore as well. Please check the list and call for details as this info is subject to change.

The web link below has an interactive map you can browse to see what’s available in your area.


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