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Congrats to Alden Kindred of America, Inc. for receiving the FY23 Cultural Facilities Fund

I am pleased to announce that Mass Cultural Council and MassDevelopment have released the funding list for the FY23 Cultural Facilities Fund (CFF), and Alden Kindred of America, Inc. in Duxbury, MA was awarded $200,000, which they will use for their Center for Living History project, which aims to construct a two-story addition to their existing barn and administration building. The importance of Alden Kindred of America is preserving and celebrating our local history. Their proposed Center for Living History project is an exciting initiative that will expand educational programming and welcome larger groups of visitors and bus tours. This project will increase the value of the Alden Kindred of America site as a tourist destination for visitors from Massachusetts and beyond and will undoubtedly stimulate economic growth in the area.

There were 94 awards, totaling over $7.6 million, and were approved by a vote of the MassDevelopment board and are ready to be celebrated.

The Cultural Facilities Fund provides capital and planning grants to nonprofit organizations, colleges, and municipalities that own or operate facilities primarily focused on the arts, humanities, and sciences. CFF awards invest in the acquisition, design, repair, renovation, expansion, and construction of nonprofit and municipal cultural facilities. All CFF awards are subject to a 1:1 matching requirement. To learn more about the Cultural Facilities Fund, please visit MCC’s website here:



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