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2022 Municipal Cybersecurity Awareness Grant Award Recipients

Congratulations to Duxbury, Hanson and Pembroke for being awarded from the 2022 Municipal cybersecurity awareness grant program. Municipal and public school employees participating in this year's program will gain access to critical cybersecurity training materials in order to best prepare the Commonwealth's local workforce to identify, avoid, and defend against cyber attack techniques most commonly used by cyber attackers in an attempt to gain access to government and public school IT infrastructure, networks, and sensitive data.

Municipality/Public School District

​Scope of Grant

School District Name

# of Employees to be Trained

​Duxbury, Town of

​Town and School

​Duxbury Public Schools


​Hanson, Town of

​City/Town only


​Pembroke, Town of

​City/Town only


For more information on the Municipal Cybersecurity Awareness Grant Program, see link below.



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