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$1.67 Billion midyear spending bill passed by Governor Baker

This week the Governor signed a multi-faceted $1.67 billion midyear spending bill approved by the Legislature last month.

This legislation extended the ever popular “Cocktail To-Go” program that many restaurants utilized during the pandemic. As restaurants needed to pivot their business model and ways to reach customers during the pandemic, the legislature allowed for cocktails to be ordered to-go. After hearing positive feedback from businesses and restaurants, the legislature decided to extend this program until April 21, 2023. The program money was set to expire in May 2022.

The legislation also allocates $100 Million for the creation of a new municipal grant program to assist cities and towns in winter recovery efforts. This grant will help towns repair roadways, traffic signals and guardrails damaged in the harsh New England weather. Constituents reach out frequently regarding road damage, and this money will go a long way in assisting towns in addressing those issues.

Another $100 million was allocated to rental assistance programs as federal programs wind down. Further, $20 million was allocated to the Low Income Home Energy Assistance program which assists low-income residence to pay winter heating bills. The legislation also provides for $10 million for Ukrainian refugee and immigrant resettlement efforts here in the Commonwealth.



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