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Wage Transparency Act advances

The bill being taken up by the House this week will empower workers, reduce persistent gender and racial wage gaps, and help businesses attract and retain talent. Pay transparency is good policy for employees and employers alike.

I’m grateful to Speaker Mariano and Chairman Aaron Michlewitz for support of this legislation (H.4100). Led by the #WageEquityNow Coalition and backed by business leaders like Associated Industries of Massachusetts Black Economic Council of Massachusetts, Inc., the Alliance for Business Leadership, as well as many other stakeholders, our bill will empower workers and help businesses attract and retain talent. It also includes new data collection measures to help identify aggregate gender and racial wage gaps by industry.

Thank you to our House co-filers Rep. Brandy Fluker Oakley, Rep. Christine Barber, Rep. David Rogers, and Senate colleagues Sen. Pat Jehlen, Sen. Paul Feeney and Sen. Liz Miranda for leadership on this vital issue. As Speaker Mariano said, enhancing wage transparency is a critical facet of the effort to ensure equal pay for equal work, and to make Massachusetts more competitive.



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