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Visit to training center for North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters

Measure twice, cut once is about the extent of my knowledge of carpentry so I very much enjoyed a visit to the training center for the North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters in Millbury yesterday, along with fellow members of our Labor & Workforce Development Committee. It is quite an impressive facility. The center offers hands-on, state of the art training in a range of professional carpentry applications including commercial and residential carpentry, floorcovering, pile driving, and mill cabinetry.

We met a number of apprentices going through their initial training program, but the center also offers mid-career and upskilling training. It was interesting to learn how even something that looks relatively simple like building a staircase requires knowledge of math and the correct formula to make sure the risers and treads are spaced correctly (so someone like me doesn't trip and fall!)

Grateful to learn more and see this training program first-hand. For anyone interested in learning more about their apprenticeship programs visit



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