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Summary of 1st Year of 2019-2020 Session Accomplishments

As of Friday, Nov. 23, 2019, the House passed major legislation relating to education, climate change, public health and safety, children’s wellness, and protecting civil and reproductive rights. In addition, the state’s rainy day fund, also known as the stabilization fund, reached over $3 billion for the first time in the Commonwealth’s history – helping to protect critical services into the future.

During the first half of the Massachusetts 191st General Court’s 2019 to 2020 session which ended on Nov. 20, 2019, the House passed 11 pieces of significant and legislation including the historic $1.5 billion investment in public education known as the Student Opportunity Act.

The House also passed nation-leading legislation to modernize tobacco control and ban all flavored tobacco and legislation to reduce distracted driving. In addition the House passed comprehensive legislation relating to children’s wellness, higher education financial stability, banning conversion therapy, providing breakfast after the bell for school children, and to provide supplemental funding for women’s reproductive health organizations as a result of cuts the Title X program, which was included as part of a supplemental budget.

Helping to protect the most vulnerable children and families in the Commonwealth, the House voted tolifts a decades-old family welfare cap to extend cash benefits to the 8,700 Massachusetts children and their families who had previously been excluded. The House also voted to protect public sector employee rights and to approve campaign finance reform.

Finally, the House acted to address climate change by advancing a $1 billion investment over the next 10 years to help communities across Massachusetts adopt technologies that cut greenhouse gas emissions, fortify infrastructure, and reduce municipal costs.

The House passed the following bills during the first year of its two-year session.

Enacted Laws

An Act Relative to Educational Opportunity for Students (S.2412)

An Act to Lift the Cap on Kids (H.3594)

An Act to Support Improved Financial Stability in Higher Education (H.4099)

An Act requiring the hands-free use of mobile telephones while driving (H.4203)

An Act Modernizing Tobacco Control (H.4196)

An Act Relative to Abusive Practices to Change Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Minors (H140)

An Act Relative to Children’s Health and Wellness (H.4210)

An Act Relative to Campaign Finance (H.4223)

Awaiting action from the Senate

An Act Relative to GreenWorks (H.3997)

An Act Regarding Breakfast After the Bell (H.4218)


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