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Statement about death of George Floyd

Like all of you no doubt, I was saddened to watch the violence unfold in Boston last night. I hope it will not distract from the important and peaceful Black Lives Matter message delivered earlier in the day. The murder of George Floyd was a senseless and repugnant act and we should ensure that everyone can speak their voice and share their message of justice and equality without fear. The courage of those who marched should not be conflated with the cowardice of those who looted, any more than the actions of those who dishonor the badge should be conflated with the many honorable officers who serve and protect us. Violence should never be tolerated. Thank you to the men and woman of the Boston Police Department and other law enforcement agencies for working to keep the peace. My good colleague Rep. Carlos Gonzalez had a great take on this: 1) Protest 2) Send your Census 3) Vote.


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