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Rep. Cutler hosts tax credit forum at Senior Center

Reducing the impact of property taxes though a state tax credit for seniors was the topic of a forum hosted by Pembroke state Rep. Josh Cutler this past wee

The “Circuit Breaker” tax credit provides relief to low and moderate income senior citizens facing high property tax burden. Seniors who qualify can earn up to $1,070 back on their state incomes taxes this year

The tax program covers persons 65 or over whose property exceeds ten percent of their annual gross income and who meet other qualifying criteria. For the current year income eligibility is as follows: Single person: $57,000; Head of Household: $71,000; Married Jointly: $85,000.

Guest speaker Brian Lynch from the Mass. Department of Revenue attended Rep. Cutler’s event to share his expertise and answer question about how seniors can apply for and qualify for the tax credit. He encouraged local seniors who have any additional questions to contact the Department of Revenue at 1-800-392-6089 or visit

The event, co-sponsored by the Friends of the Pembroke Council on Aging and the office of Sen. Vinny deMacedo, also included Pembroke Chief Town Assessor Cathy Salmon who spoke about local tax credits and abatements that seniors may be eligible for. For more information on town programs please visit


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