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New Unemployment Legislation Signed into Law

Yesterday, the Legislature passed legislation to retroactively assist individuals receiving unemployment benefits. The legislation allows for certain qualified unemployment recipients to retroactively collect up to $1,800 in benefits. In July, through the first week of September, FEMA established the Lost Wages Assistance Program which provided for an additional $300 per week of unemployment benefits for 5 weeks. Unfortunately, many receiving unemployment benefits did not receive the minimum benefit amount ($100 or more in weekly benefits) to qualify of the additional monies. The legislation passed yesterday and signed into law by Gov. Baker will ensure that all recipients of unemployment receive the extra $300 per week from the FEMA Lost Wages Assistance Grant.

If you had been receiving unemployment benefits from the end of July to the first week in September, but were receiving less than $100 per week, you are qualified to receive this additional assistance.

If you need assistance with your unemployment claim, please call our office at 617-722-2810 or visit the Massachusetts’s Dept. of Unemployment website here.


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