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New bill updates Paid Family and Medical Leave law

A package of new legislation filed by Rep. Cutler would make key updates to the state's Paid Family and Medical Leave law, as follows:

An Act relative to PFML for bone marrow and organ donation (HD196) Broadens PFML eligible medical leave to include life-saving elective procedures such as bone marrow and organ donation.

An act relative to improving PFML data reporting (HD 195) Expands annual PFML reporting requirements to include more demographic categories and reporting on the annual public education campaign conducted to publicize the benefit statewide. The bill also updates employee filing forms and establishes a public online dashboard for displaying more up-to-date, high level PFML data.

An act relative to PFML hearing decisions (HD 194) Directs the Department of Family and Medical Leave to publish hearing decisions in a similar fashion to other agencies (with personal data identifiers redacted), so that the public may understand how the department interprets parts of the statute and regulations. This will help employers better understand how comply with the law and offer guidance for future claimants.



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