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Nero's Law approved by House of Representatives

The House of Representatives has approved legislation to allow emergency medical personnel to transport and provide emergency treatment to K9 law enforcement partners. "Nero's Law", allows medical personnel to administer lifesaving treatment to K9's injured in the line of duty such as CPR, basic first aid and administration of naloxone.

Nero’s Law, filed by Rep. Xiarhos and cosponsored by Rep. Cutler, was filed after a 2018 tragedy in which Yarmouth Police Sergeant Sean Gannon was killed serving a search warrant, and his K9 partner, Nero, was severely injured. K9 Nero had to be transported to an animal hospital in a police cruiser, despite the availability of empty ambulances, due to state law that forbid emergency medical personnel from treating and transporting working animals. This legislation will ensure humane care of service animals and K9 dogs injured in the line of duty.



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