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Local amendments in Conference Committee Report

On Monday we’ll be voting to give final approval on the FY’20 state budget. I’m pleased to report the Conference Committee has included a number of amendments that will directly benefit our district. These local amendments were all added during floor debate in the House or Senate. Working together on a bi-partisan basis with my colleagues Sen. Vinny DeMacedo, Sen. Mike Brady and Sen. Patrick O’Connor, we advocated to make sure these items were included in final version.

• $25,000 for the HANSON food pantry • $25,000 for improvements at Mattakeesett Field in PEMBROKE • $25,000 to HANSON Police & Fire for mobile communications gear • $30,000 for improvements to the Keene Street Field in DUXBURY • $25,000 to the PEMBROKE Public Library for technology upgrades in the children’s department • $30,000 for the PEMBROKE council on aging to make accessibility improvements • $25,000 for improvements at Camp Kiwanee in the town of HANSON • $10,000 for the DUXBURY American Legion Post 223 centennial • $50,000 to the town of DUXBURY for Performing Arts Center orchestra pit • $20,000 for tick borne illness prevention in Plymouth County • $155,000 to the Central Plymouth County Water District for conservation and flow monitoring programs including water quality monitoring of Silver Lake, Furnace Pond and Monponsett Pond in PEMBROKE and surrounding towns. • $50,000 for the Central Plymouth County Water District Commission annual budget for the improvement and management of lakes and ponds in the Water District, including HANSON & PEMBROKE. It is a privilege to serve on the House Ways & Means Committee. Thank you to Chairman Aaron Michelwitz and Vice Chair Denise Garlick for a great job on the budget. Following the vote Monday the budget heads to the governor’s desk. The full budget is available online here:


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