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House passed 1.6 Billion supplemental budget for FY2022

On Wednesday, the House passed a $1.6 Billion supplemental budget for FY2022.

The budget includes:

  • $700 million for COVID related expenses, including increased school and congregate care testing, COVID treatment efforts, expanded vaccination access and personal protective equipment (PPE) for workforce involved in COVID related response efforts;

  • $100 million in rental assistance programs to protect renters facing eviction;

  • $140 million for special education school grants to address workforce and programming needs;

  • $5 million in fuel assistance to low-income individuals across the Commonwealth;

  • $100 million to the Transportation Trust fund for municipal grants to assist in winter recovery road repair efforts;

  • and $10 million for refugee resettlement efforts, with special attention towards Ukrainian refugees.

Further, this legislation extends the popular outdoor dining and beer, wine and cocktail to-go policies adopted during the COVID state of emergency until April 1, 2023.



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