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House of Representatives passes $5 billion bonding legislation

Updated: May 23, 2022

On Thursday, the House of Representatives passed a $5 billion bonding bill that directs funding towards state building maintenance and modernization projects, including at health and human services facilities, public higher education campuses, public safety and security facilities, and the judiciary.

Below are some of the highlights from the bonding authorization:

  • $100 million for grants to cities and towns for capital improvements and improving accessibility of municipal facilities

  • $25 million for a local capital projects grant program to support the implementation of MBTA community housing and zoning requirements

  • $400 million to decarbonize and minimize the environmental impacts of state-owned facilities

  • $51 million a food security program, including grants to fund costs of immediate and projected infrastructure needs for farms, retailers, fisheries, food system businesses and food distribution channels

  • $64 million for the water pollution abatement trust, which can be used to assist homeowners in complying with the revised septic system environmental code for the construction and maintenance of septic systems and the transport of septic-system waste

This legislation is now before the Senate for approval.



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