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House Approves ‘Boston Strong’ License Plate

Rep. Josh Cutler and his colleagues in the Mass. House of Representatives have approved legislation to establish a “Boston Strong” license plate.

Proceeds from the sales of the optional specialty plates will go to aid victims of last year’s Boston Marathon bombing through The One Fund. The plates are expected to cost an additional $50.

“Specialty license plates are a great way for motorists to express support for a favorite cause. ‘Boston Strong’ is a credo that has become a part of the heart of our city and Commonwealth and I think this is a very appropriate way to show our support.”

The bill, authored by Rep. Angelo Puppolo and co-sponsored by Rep. Cutler and bipartisan group of legislators, drew unanimous support in the House. Under the legislation one free plate would be given to an immediate family member of those who died or were most severely injured. The measure is now under consideration in the state Senate.

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