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Help with PANDAS/PANS bill

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Many of you may be aware of the alarming rise in cases of PANDAS/PANS in our area. There is a bill that would help provide insurance coverage for these kids and their families dealing with this debilitating autoimmune disorder and we need to get as many voices as we can to speak in support by the March 19 deadline. You can help with a quick email.

I encourage you to personalize as much as you can, but if you are not sure what to write I have modified the following letter with everything you need to make it happen. Just change the second paragraph and plug in your own name at the end. Your email should go to the chairs of the Financial Services Committee: and

Make sure to reference the bill number (H.984) or PANDAS in the subject line. If you want to learn more about the issue or connect with other parents I encourage you to visit this facebook link.


Dear Chairman Costello and Chairman Petruccelli,

I’m writing to ask you to support H.984, An Act Relative to Insurance Coverage for PANDAS/PANS.

As the (GRANDPARENT, FAMILY MEMBER, FRIEND) of a PANDAS/PANS child I have personally witnessed the toll that this disorder takes on families. In addition to the difficulty of caring for a child with this disorder, many families are shouldered with the additional burden of selling their homes, running up credit card debt, and decimating life savings in order to treat their children.

A vote for this legislation will provide doctors with the ability to treat our children in the manner that their professional experiences dictate without burdening families with the additional task of fighting with insurance companies, while they are fighting for their children.

Please help our doctors make the best medical choices without worrying about the implications of insurance company denials.

I respectfully request that you report this bill out favorably by March 19 in order to allow this critical legislation the chance to be passed during the current session.

Thank you,



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