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FY24 Local Cultural Council Grants Now Available

I am pleased to share that Mass Cultural Council has launched the FY24 Local Cultural Council grant program. Local Cultural Council (LCC) Grants are now available to apply for in every city and town in the Commonwealth. These resources contribute funds to approximately 8,000 public projects annually, including everything from field trips to lectures, festivals, and dance and live music performances. Mass Cultural Council allocations to LCCs range from $5,500-$297,200, based on a formula that reflects state aid to municipalities. Funding is allocated by the state legislature in the annual budget.

The application period for LCC Grants opened on September 1

and will be open until October 17.

For interested individuals and organizations in your district, they may want to:

  1. Read about the LCC Program application process.

  2. Download the LCC Program Guidelines (PDF).

  3. Check out council profiles to learn about local priorities before they apply.

  4. Register for an information session on September 12 and learn about the application process.

  5. Set up a user account and profile in the Agency’s grants management system.



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