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Fact Check: Police Funding claims

No, Rep. Josh Cutler did NOT vote to defund our police.

THE FACTS ARE: Josh supports policing reform, including the implementation of a statewide Peace Officer Standards & Training (POST) sytem –– as 46 states do now –– to help weed out the few bad actors who discredit our honorable men and women in law enforcement.

• Josh supports limits on the use of tear gas, chokeholds and facial recognition technology and uniform statewide police training and use of force standards.

• Josh does NOT support the elimination of qualified immunity and has NEVER voted to defund our police.

• Josh has consistently voted to SUPPORT funds for public safety, including dedicated new funding for municipal police training, which was opposed by the same groups that now launch these false attacks!

• Josh has also secured additional state funds for OUR DISTRICT to improve public safety in numerous ways. But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself:

Facts Matter. Don’t fall for smear tactics


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